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Letter to the Editor: Homewood homeowners against more traffic

JMA Venturesand#8217; (Large San Francisco Real Estate Firm) massive and#8220;preferred redevelopment planand#8221; of the Homewood Mountain Resort will result in dangerous, unavoidable traffic jams and the degradation of rural, family lifestyles in Homewood communities.

Additional development of Homewood Mountain Resort is creating much anxiousness on the part of neighbors. Traffic from Homewood to Tahoe City is at times a living nightmare in the summer and cannot sustain additional vehicles. Just the thought of it makes us shudder.

The proposal of a hardware store is a poorly disguised stratagem to win approval of a greedy project that is too large and incompatible with the neighborhood of Homewood. What guarantees are there that this hardware store wonand#8217;t close like the last hardware store did? How may and#8220;resortsand#8221; do you know currently have hardware stores? You can add all the and#8220;fluffand#8221; you want. But it wonand#8217;t be worth the price we will have to pay to live and travel here.

Cathy and Tom Crumpton