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Letter to the Editor: I thought this was the land of the free?

Iand#8217;ve pursed my lips, held my tongue and bit it, mostly due to someoneand#8217;s reaction to Bob Sweigertand#8217;s column. Iand#8217;ve scrapped this letter six times over the last four months, each time lessening my outrage and expanding my intellect, hoping other readers would recognize the same value of entertainment and prose that I do.

I wonder to where the creative intellectuals departed? Where, upon the land, is filled with men of verse and tongue? Where are these bards in the fertile meadow of imagination? I often long for the days of celestial solitude, philosophizing the struggle of man, science, religion and the environment. For all things intertwine: the course of man will unravel when man stops winding the string. For man often seeks the root of demise, and in finding that root, profoundly points the bony finger of blame. NAY! Nay, shall you cast that bony finger at me! The passing of your blame does not discredit my endeavors, nor Boband#8217;s.

Is it not the man who looks in the mirror who makes the decisions about himself, his thoughts and his family? Is it not this man who cuts his hair to assimilate into society, and finds his house to be as good of company as his companions? Is it not this man who should seek compassion over angst? Is it not this man who seeks education over ignorance? Is it not this man who seeks happiness over dismay? Are we not all this man?

In a place where there exist only answers, man can live in ignorance and bliss. In a place that exist only questions, a man must actively seek the answers.

In this, the age of litigant society and personal feelings, we have departed from an individualand#8217;s right to speak their mind and hold an opinion. One can speak their mind, true. If it is printed in a newspaper, readers expect it must be based in fact and#8212; not so. Many such stories appear in the Opinion section, where fact is just about as necessary as a fingernail is to the skeleton.

Calling out Sweigertand#8217;s opinions is one thing; calling for the paper to remove him is quite another. Censorship is vehemently being tolerated in place of free thought. I thought this was and#8220;the land of the free?and#8221;

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Jack Forbes