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Letter to the Editor: It’s back – Pollard Station

Dan Cockrum
Special to the Sun

Go to the Town of Truckee website, March 10th planning commission meeting agenda, and click on the staff report for this proposed Hilltop development. The town staff has done an excellent job of pointing out the pitfalls of this proposal and the community needs to rally behind them on this one.

The developer has hired a public relations firm to convince town residents that a senior living facility on this site would be a good thing and that the minor alterations to the original proposal address all the issues.

Regardless of how anyone feels about senior living facilities, this project would forever, to quote the staff, “… alter the character of the neighborhood as envisioned in the Master Plan.”

Simply put, do you want to look at the largest and tallest structure in Truckee every time you look up at the Hilltop area?

Dan Cockrum