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Letter to the Editor: Kings Beach traffic control plan not safe

While I am all for better traffic control in Kings Beach, the recent changes leave much to be desired.

Before the new traffic circles were installed, stop signs slowed most people down. We became wary of any intersection that wasnand#8217;t a 4-way stop since many people would roll a stop sign assuming the cross-street also had one.

The intersection of Coon and Golden was a problem area. We were never involved in a collision; there were many close calls. Others who were not as fortunate. In three years of living near this intersection, I know of at least four accidents.

Now, with the new traffic circles, people drive much faster and treat the traffic circles like theyand#8217;re a chicane on a race track. I have already had to slam on my brakes to avoid a collision many times due to people speeding and failing to acknowledge their need to yield. These instances have come from tourists unfamiliar with the area, but more importantly, people whose vehicles I recognize as being local. The new changes have only been in place a couple of weeks, but it has already changed the dynamics of driving in our neighborhoods. With the number of pedestrians, children and pets combined with narrow streets without sidewalks, I see the new changes leading to more problems than they were intended to solve.

I know there are more changes ahead, specifically the installation of more and#8220;speed humps,and#8221; but given the nature of many drivers in the grid, a hump would (and should) be installed at least every 1.5 blocks.Keep an eye on the statistics; itand#8217;s my belief that the number of accidents will increase. My primary concern is that the new changes increase the possibility of fatalities where they would not have happened previously.

Bruce Hara

Kings Beach