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Letter to the Editor: Latest Jim Porter column an ignorant one

Regarding Jim Porterand#8217;s In God We Trust editorial, he misrepresented Sarah Palin. She did not say the Founding Fathers used the Pledge of Allegiance, which came much later. She said that and#8220;In God We Trustand#8221; was a value they held. For that reason, in 1814, Francis Scott Key, in his poem, Star-Spangled Banner, wrote these words in the fourth stanza: and#8220;And this be our motto: In God is our trust.and#8221; It goes way back to the beginning of our country.

Also, concerning the First Amendment, anti-religious folk are fond of quoting only part of the amendment concerning and#8220;the establishment of a religion.and#8221; They leave out, and#8220;or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.and#8221; People like Newdow want to prohibit the free exercise of religion. Part of the reason for this is they are ignorant of philosophy.

Theism is a philosophical position apart from religion. Aristotle was a theist and most of the founding fathers were molded by Aristotleand#8217;s philosophy. Even their concept of a mixed government of three branches with checks and balances came from Aristotle. Their concept of inalienable rights from a Creator and#8212; a First Mover Unmoved and#8212; is a logical development of Aristotle.

Atheism is a feature of materialism, a philosophical position that runs counter to the basic assumptions of American democracy at its inception.

Because religions assume a Supreme Being, ignorant people like Newdow, with an apparent grudge against religious people and religion, seek notoriety by trying to overthrow expressions of philosophical theism in our culture. As Jim Porter said, Newdow will lose in the end. Unfortunately, Mr. Porter doesnand#8217;t seem to know the difference between philosophical theism (under the heading of Metaphysics) and religion either.

I like these words of Clint Eastwood: and#8220;Iand#8217;ve never been a religious person myself, but Iand#8217;ve tried not to impose my doubts on others.and#8221;

Dean Mansfield

Soda Springs

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