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Letter to the Editor: Many local candidates will not get my vote

I received my ballot for the upcoming election recently, and all the backup material. For some reason that escapes me at the moment, some of us received this material later than others. I am OK with that.

I opened the material with excitement. The election is just around the corner. I am appalled at what I see. No less than 9 measures for various wishes and lists of people I have never heard of but expected to vote for.

Now I know it is my responsibility to bone up on this stuff, so I donand#8217;t have anyone to blame but myself. However, at the local level I am really shocked. Some of the candidates didnand#8217;t think it was important enough to submit a ballot statement. Maybe those folks think they are so well-known that they didnand#8217;t need to write one. Maybe with the current state of our economy they couldnand#8217;t afford the statement and decided to put up signs instead or do nothing. The candidates who elected to file statements, with a few exceptions, have said very little about the results of all their involvements. Just because somebody sits on a committee and warms the chair is not a good enough reason for a vote.

So having expressed my dismay, here is what I am going to do. If you didnand#8217;t file a candidate statement, I will not vote for you. If your claim to fame is belonging to lots of committees and local activities without telling me your results, I will not vote for you.

I commend and respect all those people who are willing to stick their necks out and run public office, but many of you have not given me a reason to vote for you.

Lynne R. Larson