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Letter to the Editor: Measure A represents local money for schools

On Feb. 16, Mr. Dennis Lynch wrote a My Turn article about the reasons he is voting and#8220;noand#8221; on Measure A. He could not be more incorrect in his opposition.

First, Measure A is not a new property tax. It is a continuation of a tax that was first voted into existence in 1989 with a small increment added for inflation.

Second, it has nothing whatsoever to do with teacher salaries and pensions.

The California State Teachers Retirement System covers teachers in grades K through 12, and in community colleges.

It should not be confused with the Public Employees Retirement System that covers college professors, government workers, police, and firefighters.

In addition, administrators and superintendents are only covered for their teaching years. Moreover, CalSTRS is not a union, and does not enter negotiations with school districts. Teachers pay in to it with every paycheck they receive. To say that it is and#8220;unfunded’and#8221; is to depart from the truth.

Measure A represents local money for local schools under local supervision. I invite you to vote and#8220;yesand#8221; on Measure A for our children, and for our community.

Lynn C. Booth

Vice-president for Truckee Section, California Retired Teachers Association, Div. 51