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Letter to the Editor: My ‘gotcha’ parking violation story

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter was submitted, along with Mr. Phister’s parking ticket fee, to the Town of Truckee.

The Town of Truckee, like some infamous southern towns known for their speeding traps, was successful in snaring a parking fine from this unsuspecting visitor. Congratulations. My wife and I were enjoying our four-day Lake Tahoe mini-vacation last week and decided Saturday to drive to Truckee for some pleasant shopping and lunch or dinner.

Driving down Donner Pass Road we spotted an available space between to SUVs. We parked, locked the car and began browsing and window shopping. A bit later as we passed our car and saw, with shock, a parking citation, we were aghast! We’d seen no signs or meters to indicate pay parking, but more to the point, we didn’t expect to see pay parking in Truckee. Why would we? If we were in San Francisco, Sacramento, L.A. or any metropolitan city, we’d obviously expect meters or pay parking … but not in Truckee.

Whey would one expect to encounter pay parking in a small historic Sierra town, whose main tourist street is just a few blocks long? During our vacation we’d driven around Lake Tahoe and stopped in many of the villages and towns and never (not surprisingly) encountered paid parking. After review, we realized that we were parked exactly halfway between the parking signs which are spaced about 50 or 60 feet a part; obviously we didn’t see them. Also, since the signs are set at the curb and face the street, we didn’t notice them during our strolling. In short, we had no indication or expectation of pay parking in Truckee.

So, you “got me.” My check for the $38 fine is enclosed. It better enrich your city coffers now because we will not return to replenish. Needless to say we departed without patronizing any of your retail businesses or restaurants. Guess how we’ll reply when friends ask, “How was your Tahoe Vacation?” Tahoe was great; Truckee not so much.

Rick Phister

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