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Letter to the Editor: No to controlled burns

Judy Gelwicks

I was surprised to read that the Land Trust is actually considering allowing open burns on the Waddle Ranch property. Whatever happened to being concerned about putting carbon dioxide into the air?

I really think this is inappropriate at this time in our history. It is also a known fact that many of our forest fires around the country have happened by out of control and#8220;controlled burns.and#8221; I think for the Land Trust to approve and be a willing partner in and#8220;controlled burnsand#8221; is irresponsible of the Land Trust. For one, you are totally ignoring all the people in the area who will be negatively affected by the pollution in the air, of which, I am sure that there is a considerable number.

No one likes to be in an area where there is a burn. And no one can ever make any kind of guarantee that the smoke will not affect people.

Please make sure that this letter is passed on to Perry Norris and the Airport Board before they make a final decision.

Judy Gelwicks