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Letter to the Editor: No trespassing

The private land east of the Glenshire subdivision (Juniper Creek/Martis Peak road) has been used by hundreds of walkers, runners, bikers and cross-country skiers, for decades. Almost overnight, we are no longer allowed on those thousands of acres or we will be fined for trespassing.

I completely empathize with the landowners who have seen their private property abused by people who feel the need to tear up dirt or start dangerous campfires. However, as a mountain biking/running Glenshire resident, I feel myself to be a caretaker of that area, as do lots of other people. The abuse of land (caused by the rotten apples) has gotten worse in the last few years. I have called 911 three times to report smoldering campfires and vandalism. If law-abiding citizens no longer use those trails, the only people out there will be the abusers.

A more positive approach would be to have a discussion with SOS Glenshire, Truckee River watershed and Glenshire residents. How about a clean-up/trail awareness day? Attendees could become docents and be the eyes and ears to keep the area pristine. Perhaps have designated areas be allowed for non-motorized use, i.e. west of Martis Peak road only (not the entire private land holding). On June 17, 2001, I did not go for my morning run … if I had, perhaps I would have seen the small wildfire area from the previous day beginning to smoke again and#8212; we would have called 911 immediately. Instead, we watched from the Pacific Crest Trail as a gigantic wildfire cloud ballooned over the Juniper Creek area and we rushed home. It makes me nervous that such a large, potential wildfire area is right next door, but we aren’t allowed in to be aware of our surroundings.

Jean Brooks