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Letter to the Editor: ‘Odd’ Truckee has a lot to offer

My wife and I moved to Truckee a little over two years ago and the experience we have had is a far cry from the disjointed, rambling list of “faults” recounted in Ms. Swinney’s letter in the Friday, Feb. 26, edition of the Sierra Sun.

Missing in the “letter” is any sense of continuity, perspective or compassion. Let’s be realistic here – even the “second home” crowd has more time under their belt than one week. I don’t even expect to be viewed as a “local” and I’m on the radio 5 days a week!

As to the insults and mistreatment of customers at local retail establishments, maybe those folks were having a bad day, or talking about something unrelated, or maybe, just maybe, a combative, judgmental newcomer to the community viewed a normal, busy transaction as a personal affront.

Here’s my proposal: Spend a year here before passing judgment. Enjoy the fishing and hiking at Donner Lake in the summer, visit with locals and vendors at First Fridays and Truckee Thursdays, play Frisbee-golf at the regional park or just pick a spot and relax by the river. Join us for Oktoberfest, Day of the Dead and Independence Day celebrations. Participate in a local election, take a yoga class, work out at the community recreation center. Enjoy a day at one of the four ski resorts within a 20-minute drive. Check out the diverse restaurant selection Truckee has to offer: sushi, barbecue, gourmet locally sourced cuisine, authentic Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Thai and delicious delis.

In other words, try it before you dismiss us as a bunch of rude, ungrateful bums; this “odd” little town has a lot more on offer than you’ve noticed.

Brian “Shaggy” Smith

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