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Letter to the Editor: Out with Nevada County Clerk Greg Diaz

I would like to comment on the situation that has arisen in the Nevada County Clerk-Recorders office over the past two years. First and foremost is the lawsuit initiated by AtPac, a local elections software company that had provided software to the Nevada County Clerkand#8217;s office prior to assumption of the office by Greg Diaz, the current incumbent. Mr. Diaz re-bid the contract and award it to a company from and#8212; you guessed it and#8212; Florida. Why Florida? Could it be because no software company from Afghanistan put in bid? But wait; did we get more from the Florida software company? You bet we did. A contract price $54,000 higher than AtPac. And to date the performance of the Florida software vendor has gone beyond the pale of incompetence into the possibly criminal. Thus the lawsuit against Nevada County that is currently in progress.

Software hardball is not the only game in which Greg Diaz has dropped the ball. The last election (2008) was replete with an administrative error that could only be described as completely confused and incompetent during the vote count. Could it be the result of the abnormally high turnover rate in the clerkand#8217;s staff since he has headed up the office?

The 2010 election appears to be one in which the theme will be replace the incumbents. And Greg Diaz is certainly one incumbent that needs to be replaced.

Wade Freedle

Grass Valley