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Letter to the Editor: Parking enforcement is a necessity for post office business

Like any other business, the Postal Service has to serve the needs of its customers. And in Truckee, one of the biggest needs is to have parking available, round the clock, for customers to access their mail.

Over the last few years, we have heard the voice of the public and maintained our downtown presence. One of the downsides to the location is limited parking. Our lot has limited free spaces for short-term usage, and parking by non customers must be prohibited. Given the location of the post office, some have found the unmetered, free parking to be convenient to shopping, dining and browsing the downtown area.

Unfortunately, our customers have paid the price when they come to do business with us and have nowhere to park. A select few have parked illegally at the expense of their neighbors. So we have to step in. Our customers need access to their mail at all hours, so the parking must be reserved for them 24 hours a day.

The Postal Service property, including the grounds and parking lot, are subject to certain rules and conditions. The parking lot signage at every entrance clearly states the restrictions, the time limits and the code that governs parking. Additionally, the town of Truckee is in full cooperation with our efforts to provide parking for postal customers and limit access to those not engaged in postal business. Enforcement of our parking is governed by local, state and federal statutes.

While enforcement is never a popular thing, unfortunately in this situation it is a necessity because of overwhelming customer complaints about the lack of parking due to noncustomer use. As Truckeeand#8217;s longest-running business and service, we want to preserve community harmony and ask for understanding with our position.

David Rupert

U.S. Postal Service Corporate Communications