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Letter to the Editor: Pollard Station project in current form not a good idea

We are writing this letter to voice our opposition to the Pollard Station Development in its current form. We believe this project is a very poor fit for the Hilltop area for the following reasons:1. It is not in accordance with the Hilltop Master Plan, which took years of careful thought and consideration to develop.2. The size of the complex is too large and inconsistent with the size of surrounding buildings.3. As proposed, Pollard Station will greatly increase commercial and emergency vehicle traffic in the adjacent residential neighborhoods and access streets.4. Air conditioning units, generators and other appliances necessary for a large building will create extensive noise that is not consistent with a residential area or with the intent of California Health and Safety Code Division 28, Chapter 1. Furthermore, this type of equipment should not be visible or audible from existing developments. The current plan places this type of equipment directly facing and in proximity to the Stonewood development to the east.5. The proposed development serves as a division between the Hilltop Master Plan area and the Pine Cone/Schaffer neighborhood to the east, instead of joining it and creating a seamless transition between new and existing developments, as did previous proposed development plans for this property.6. During public meetings, the developer has discussed creating buffers by locating smaller andamp;#8220;cottagesandamp;#8221; in between the lodge and surrounding potential developments. The discussion of buffers is another indication that even the developer recognizes that a project of this scope and character is not a good fit for the proposed location.We feel strongly that the Pollard Station proposed project is a detriment to the Hilltop area and should not be approved for this location.Roger Fisher, PresidentStonewood Homeowners Association