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Letter to the Editor: Post office towing fine too steep

I think it is important to continue the dialogue regarding the recent enforcement of after-hours parking at the downtown Truckee post office.

My car was recently towed and charged $375. When I pulled in at 5:15 p.m. on Thursday the 23rd, the post office was closed. Having seen cars park there after 5 p.m. for as long as I have lived here (12 years), I didnand#8217;t even think to notice the and#8220;24/7 no-parking signs for longer than 20-minutes.and#8221;

It is my own fault for not knowing the current enforcement or for having read the parking signs as things do change, but $375 is outrageous for this type of wrongdoing.

Knowing the community has used this lot after-hours for years is not taking into consideration the lack on both sides to enforce and obey. Why not a ticket of $75-100? That is plenty of reprimand and incentive to make any local never park there again.

Plus, it uses a lot less fossil fuels for towing cars unnecessarily around. And in this economy, $375 is unfair to its citizens which work hard to keep our community strong!

Please Ms. Postmaster, please reconsider your enforcement policy to one that can still be effective and produces the same results but at less of a financial hit to the people of the community you serve.

Susie Sutphin


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