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Letter to the Editor: Public safety concerns

This week highways at Tahoe again saw bicycle racers while publicly funded, multi-million dollar bike trails were virtually empty. Local drivers complained of weaving bicyclists, of being late for work because of getting stuck behind packs of racers and of traffic law violations like running red lights and failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks as law enforcement officials sat numbly by.

I have personally pedaled more than 21,000 miles, and have learned that highways and bicyclists donand#8217;t mix well and aerodynamic helmets are no excuse to leave brains at home. Exercise isnand#8217;t healthy if it contributes to anyoneand#8217;s injury or death, and itand#8217;s time to put the self-centered endorphins aside long enough to admit most of us are never going to be the next Lance Armstrong no matter how many stretch Lycra outfits we own. For public safety, cyclists should be required to obey all traffic laws and use available bike trails.

R.P. Huff

Tahoe City