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Letter to the Editor: Publish more letters to the editor

I am wondering why there are not more letters to the editor published in the paper. Maybe it is because there arenand#8217;t many sent to the paper, or because the paper doesnand#8217;t want to print letters that are inconsistent with the editorand#8217;s views?

Is the parking problem at the post office really the biggest issue on peoplesand#8217; minds? How many people wonder about the huge one page advertisements for the Fanny Bridge and West Shore Highway 89 realignment, and the proposed $500 million development at Homewood?

Is this all being set up for the push for the 2022 Olympics? What is behind the consolidation of the ski areas by developers from Colorado? What area is next for their portfolios? Mt. Rose? Sugar Bowl?

These developers expect a substantial return on their investments, and the Olympics and the real estate boom that comes with them is what they are betting on. Pandoraand#8217;s box is about to be opened and we may not like what comes out.

Our local paper should have some coverage of what is in store for the local way of life if this happens. Publish more letters to the editor.

Willi Dodge

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