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Letter to the Editor: Questioning nature conservancy deals

I have been following the news about the purchase of Independence and Webber lakes by the nature conservancy. It is too bad that a once good idea has turned into a land grab by an elitists group using private and public funds. If even one taxpayer dollar was used in these purchases, then John and Jane taxpayer should have free access to the area.

On the one hand I think the area should be protected from developers, but at the same time I donand#8217;t like whoand#8217;s doing the protecting. What makes hikers and kyakers less likely to leave behind their garbage, and waste fish they catch? Is the conservancy going to hire someone to be on guard at that lovely gate they put up in all their wisdom? What qualifies them know what is best for that area?

I shudder to think of these folks managing the Webber Lake area. I can see it now. The lake will be full of all those conservancy folks and friends in their expensive float tubes, bobbing along feeling superior because they have kept the riff-raff out. I will admit that my family has had a camp site at Webber for 20 years or more and we would hate to lose it. I am glad that my vision of condos around the lake will not come to pass but there has got to be a solution to this where everyone is happy.

Joyce Parkhurst

Fernley, Nev. (former Truckee resident for more than 40 years)