Letter to the Editor: Quit whining about paid parking

Oh, jeez. When are people going to get over paid parking and move on? Itand#8217;s a fact of life in every tourist town Iand#8217;ve ever visited, and itand#8217;s actually rather cheap here in Truckee.

I have lived in Truckee for 28 years and I love my town. I want to see it thrive and survive in these hard times. It kills me to see businesses going under and the empty store fronts downtown, but whatand#8217;s worse is reading about all these malcontents whining about paid parking and how theyand#8217;re boycotting downtown businesses because of it.

I shop downtown frequently, especially for gifts. I can go downtown on my lunch break, pay a quarter and get a half hour (remember the grace period) to run in a couple of shops and buy something wonderful and unique that Iand#8217;d never find in Reno. And, in fact, some shops actually take 50 cents off the bill for parking (gratitudes comes to mind).

Please people, get over it and letand#8217;s worry about more important things like the quality of our schools, survival in these hard times and helping each other out.

Peggy Jones


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