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Letter to the Editor: Response to Sue Daniels letter in Wednesday print edition

At the Oct. 12, 2010, candidate debate between Sue Daniels and I, the last question was what was the worst mistake the current board had made. My response was the board asked staff in 2009 to draft a resolution to hire a consulting company to do a survey to find out the climate of the voters regarding raising property taxes to help supplement the recreation department budget.

During the 2009 meeting, after discussion, Sue Daniels made a motion to allow $130,000 for this survey.

I did not say during the Oct. 12, 2010, debate the board had spent $130,000 for this survey. I said they approved $130,000 to spend on this survey.

Sue said in Wednesdayand#8217;s letter: and#8220;In 2009 a survey was conducted after repeated requests from the public asking for district funded events at the NTEC such as chili cook-offs, rib feeds and car shows. This survey cost $15,533.84. We board members wanted to raise fees to accommodate events like this.and#8221;

In fact, I was the one who asked for these events as a way to raise money at the North Tahoe Events Center and help promote our community. These events would raise money and would not need higher taxes to put them on.

Sue went on to say: and#8220; … by first conducting a survey our board actually saved over $115,000.and#8221;

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In fact, the board did not save $115,000, they just did not spend it. The $15,533.84 was the money they wasted.

At the end of my response to the Oct. 12 question, Sue said she did not remember this happening and#8212; yet it was her who made the motion to allow $130,000 for this survey and follow-up.

Sue also said the Oct. 12 forum highlighted the differences between attending board meetings and actually being on the board.

I attended every regularly scheduled board meetings in the last 2 years. Sue did not.

Phil Thompson

North Tahoe Public Utility District candidate