Letter to the Editor: Response to Sweigert’s ‘Beauty is in the eye of the art thief’ | SierraSun.com

Letter to the Editor: Response to Sweigert’s ‘Beauty is in the eye of the art thief’

I am intensely upset that Mr. Sweigert is now publicly, and in a column supported by the Sierra Sun, promoting acts of felony. And to add insult to injury, he has knowledge of the art theft which he openly flaunts. He validates his position of supporting the art theft because he did not like the installation. What ever happened to our community contract for civility?The art installation was a community art-sponsored function. The artist spent a great deal of time, energy and research in its creation. The fact that someone apparently didn’t like it, or liked it so much they wanted it, and thus stole it, is obviously illegal. The fact that Mr. Sweigert publicly supports the theft and even has knowledge of the act of the theft makes him at the least an accessory to the fact and at a deeper level, a fomenter of frontier justice.We have a right to our opinion and to expressing it as such. We do not have the right to act out on our opinion to the detriment of persons or property. Furthermore, I believe that the Sierra Sun needs to be much more conscientious about what is stated in the paper, particularly by its columnists.Finally, it is my opinion that the Sun and its readers would be best served by the elimination of this column and that Mr. Sweigert be a person of interest in the (hopeful) investigation regarding this theft.Rolf GodonTruckee

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