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Letter to the Editor: Short-term paid parking measures a joke

Really? Are you kidding me? This is a joke, right?

Just a few headlines I thought might be appropriate to lead off my response to your article about paid parking in downtown Truckee.

Seriously though, what a joke! It is my understanding that the program has done nothing but lose money since it started, while at the same time it’s managed to upset locals and tourists and divide the downtown merchants. I would also add that it has hurt the downtown economy because people just don’t want to deal with it. Did paid parking have a hand in the rapid exchange of ownership/closure of the Elijah Blues/Trokay Cafe (which is maybe now out business?) I can only speculate but I know I never went there during paid parking hours because paying an extra $2 on my credit card for a quick coffee stop doesn’t work for me.

The current system has a $2 minimum on credit cards regardless of how long you park, and flat rates no matter what street you park on and very few free spaces. But the new system is going to allow smaller increments both via coins and credit cards and have lower rates for certain streets.

So if I’m to understand, the current system is losing money, the new system will charge less money and offer a greater number of free spaces yet somehow magically turn a profit? Apparently the people running the show think so. The spending of $10,000 for a mascot and public education initiative seems inappropriate. We are educated about the paid parking program. We just simply don’t like it. Couple this with the fact that it’s costing Truckee residents money, maybe shutting it down is the way to go? Just a thought.

Court Leve

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