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Letter to the Editor: Show some respect on the water

I am now writing this letter after much careful thought. To wit: On July 18, I was at Boca Reservoir and, literally, was swamped by a black Ski Natique boat and#8212; the problem being that I was in a sit-atop kayak.

I had to hang on for dear life and#8212; the moron who swamped me never bothered to stop to see if I was dead or alive and#8212; he merely didnand#8217;t care.

Nonetheless, I am writing this to remind everyone that on any lake, an engine-powered craft must yield to a lesser-powered craft and, by law, is required to stay at least 200 feet away from others in the water.

If I had the guts at the time and the presence of mind, I would have gotten the registration numbers off that boat and called the sheriff.

How sad that no consideration was given to me or my boyfriend by the and#8220;swamper.and#8221; I hope that he never experiences the cold and callus treatment I (and my boyfriend, who saw the whole thing) received.

To and#8220;swamperand#8221; and#8212; get a clue and#8212; weand#8217;re all on this planet together; being decent to others isnand#8217;t all that hard.

Christine A. Walborn