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Letter to the Editor: So fortunate to live in such a great town

A moment before the start of my workday, a beautiful shy golden retriever ambled down the middle of my street in Glenshire. She is a beautiful girl and#8212; shy, compliant, wanting to play … but not too street smart.

People often speed on my street but always slow down when they see kids or dogs (thank you). But I just didnand#8217;t feel comfortable with her on her own. I brought her into my garage, and then I called Truckee Animal Control. They were so nice and took my information. Within minutes I received a call from Lolaand#8217;s mommy. Animal Control had called her owners.

Apparently Lola had recently learned this new trick of escaping her yard. Truckee Animal Control became aware because her family had a frantic and#8220;I lost my dogand#8221; moment a few weeks before. They put two and two together and called Lolaand#8217;s owners. Within 20 minutes Lola was reunited with her family.

Lola lives 10 doors down the street from me. She might have gotten hit by a car that day. I am so glad that didnand#8217;t happen. Thank you Truckee Animal Control. Good job. I am so fortunate to live in this great town.

Annie Pratt