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Letter to the Editor: Some humans need to go

The first sentence of Ms. Carswelland#8217;s and#8220;Letter to the Editorand#8221; reveals some residentsand#8217; true feelings regarding Tahoe bears, but Iand#8217;m not talking about her statement that she and#8220;likes bears.and#8221; Humans have moved into bear territory, not the reverse. Humans choose to do this, the bears do not. Humans make the Tahoe Basin smell like a giant barbecue pit in the summer. Humans have the bigger brain, right?

So do some residents just expect the wildlife to behave like they think they should? Many residents are arrogant human animals. And those are by far the most dangerous animals on the planet.

Itand#8217;s clear that some humans donand#8217;t really understand bears, and some apparently have no intention of going out of their way to do anything to protect the bears. Some residents certainly donand#8217;t seem to respect other life forms besides themselves in the Basin. Itand#8217;s really these types of people with an entitled mindset who act like co-existing and cooperating with other animals is beneath them who need to go and#8212; not a beautiful creature like Sunny.

Jacqui S. Grandfield

Kings Beach