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Letter to the Editor: Speak out in support of medical marijuana

I am writing to you about the articles regarding the Placer County attempt to ban marijuana shops. Despite the fact that 14 states have voted to allow marijuana for medical use, the federal government chooses to ignore these laws. The people of the state of California voted for medical marijuana. I believe Placer County is still in California.

In 2007, I was stopped with 105 pounds of marijuana. The marijuana was for a cancer center, just outside of Chicago. My mother died of cancer in 1972. I was 12 years old at the time, and had I known pot would help her eat, I would have gotten it for her.

I will be incarcerated in the federal system, for 10 years, at an average of $40,000 per year. I will be on parole for another 8 years. I refused to name my contact in Chicago, and get a bunch of sick people in trouble. The judge doubled my time, because I and#8220;did not cooperate.and#8221;

I lived in Truckee and Tahoe City for 20 years. I consider it home. I hope the community supports anything that would lessen the suffering of sick people. Please speak out in support of making medical marijuana available to the people who need it. This is not about a bunch of dread-lock hippies trying to get high; they get high anyway. This is about people who could benefit from the medical uses of marijuana, and donand#8217;t know where to get it, people like my mother, who probably would have died anyway, but would have died of the cancer itself, not by starving to death, as she eventually did, after 27 days without eating.

Chris Turner, Inmate No. 22458-086

Federal Prison Camp, Florence, Colo.