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Letter to the Editor: Stop the waste

The bridge to nowhere in Alaska was super waste spending. The sidewalk to nowhere in Truckee is super waste spending. The new sidewalk at the new recreation building looks like it should be in Newport Beach. What a circle and#8212; when will it end, the super waste? We all know that there is a need for the government to take care of some of the daily operations of the country, state, county and city. But when all the operations are a wasteful mess it makes most of us normal taxpaying people sick. I am not against government and#8212; I am against waste. If everyone in the government started to take charge and get on with the job we would all be better off. Government workers say they are not getting paid like they would if they were in the private sector. But if people ran things in the real world like they do in the government, they would all be out of business. Cost effective is not what the government is but it is what it should be. Waste needs to be eliminated from all the government agencies everyone needs to start doing a better job. If you are in the government and you are not part of the solution to fix wasteful spending you should be looking for a new job because I do not want you working for me! And stop the super waste.

Dirk Haas