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Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Jim Porter for courageous column

I want to thank Jim Porter for his column and#8220;Americaand#8217;s Historic Foreign Policy of Supporting Brutal Dictators.and#8221; It took courage to write this column. Mr. Porter will no doubt be on the receiving end of some harsh rhetoric, but he is correct both in his assessment of the impact of US foreign policy, and in asserting that we must engage in this discussion.

In truth, the discussion has been going on for decades; the facts and consequences of US foreign policy are well-known and clear, but a large percentage of the American electorate has chosen to close its eyes and ears. For decades, we have allowed our leaders to placate us with assurances that they are acting in the interests of and#8220;national security.and#8221;

Most of us are familiar with Ben Franklinand#8217;s observation that and#8220;They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.and#8221; But what of those who would sacrifice the essential liberty of others for their own temporary safety? We convince ourselves that those who burn our flag and chant and#8220;Death to Americaand#8221; do so because they and#8220;hate our freedoms,and#8221; when in fact they hate our willingness to sacrifice their freedoms in order to preserve our own misguided sense of security and#8212; not to mention preserve our access to their resources.

By the peoples of many countries across the globe, the government of the United States of America is widely regarded as a hypocrite and a bully. And while I am glad that Mr. Porterand#8217;s friends in Europe claim to love American citizens, if not our government, I personally could not blame them if they perceive us as naive and myopic.

Loreand#8217; McLaren


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