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Letter to the Editor: The importance of beavers

Some people in Incline suddenly decided that they no longer wanted to coexist with a defenseless family of beavers.

When I was younger my parents would reprimand me for killing a spider due to the fact that it helped keep disease carrying mosquitoes away from me. They carried it outside in a glass. I got reprimanded for killing an ant just for the sake that it’s a living thing. These were my values and the rules that were taught throughout my younger days. What happened to our society now? What are the wchildren?

The fall of 2011, I got to put my values to work by helping out the ones without voices — beavers. I was lucky enough to help put in a Beaver Deceiver with my parents’ friends to prevent a roadway from flooding.

The Beaver Deceiver is basically a pipe with a wire cage that allows the water to go through a beaver dam. Up until lately, the beavers had been living peacefully in the same location, but someone felt they needed to intervene. This intervention caused beavers to be disposed of and then their purpose in nature to disintegrate along with their lives.

I feel that if a fourteen-year-old like me could understand the importance of beavers, like how their dams filter water, make a habitat for various animals, and just the importance of life within itself, then why is an educated adult unable to see the same importance, if not more?

Melony Long

Tahoe City

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