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Letter to the Editor: The rodeo – good clean fun?

In response to Keaven Van Lom’s article in last week’s paper, I thought her reporting on the cruelty inflicted on the animals in this “sport” was a powerful and vivid educational piece. It is ironic that, along with that particular issue of July 15th, the “American Profile” magazine in which the glories of the 2011 National High School Finals Rodeo was one of the inserts. The rodeo was described as “good, clean fun.”

After reading Ms. Van Lom’s piece, it is hard to understand why many do not see the inhumanity that occurs during these events. We have the “Truckee Championship Pro Rodeo” here every year for the purpose of giving back to the youth of the community. No one disputes the purpose, but it does seem to be somewhat of a paradox that we are helping our young people by providing paid entertainment that fosters and employs cruelty to animals.

One cannot but wonder if there might be another type of event that would support youth programs without supporting inhumane treatment of animals – those who cannot speak for themselves.

Susan Bagley


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