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Letter to the Editor: Tree thinning/logging

I understand it is human nature for us not to agree with everyoneand#8217;s opinions. One of my biggest concerns after all the trees have been cut down is all the piles of debris left all around the Tahoe basin. For many years piles have been left to season. Simply, tinder for a fire. All it would take is some careless act, and boom and#8212; a raging fire could easily be started.

Although the efforts of fuel reduction makes sense on many levels, it makes little to no sense to leave all those piles of dry logs for five-plus years. It may not be cost-effective, but it seems that if they cut one year and burn the next year or better yet, remove by the next year, it would be a lot safer for humans and animals alike.

It just seems like there must be a better way to approach this whole issue.

Victoria Berchtold

Tahoe City