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Letter to the Editor: TRPA is destroying Lake Tahoe

TRPA, you are quickly destroying Lake Tahoe, a gem that has been here for ages and that has attracted true nature lovers and explorers from around the globe.

Now the only people you accommodate are the wealthy, who donand#8217;t care at all about the quality of the lake or surrounding forest. I grew up here and have watched the lake slowly deteriorate due to your extremely poor lack of judgment. Just the other day I went to the beach and it was covered in trash, not just any trash, but dirty diapers, fruit cups and garbage you would see two grown adults with their children carrying. These are the people you are catering to, the ones who donand#8217;t even know how to pick up after themselves or respect anything or anyone for that matter. The ones who donand#8217;t care what mussel or clam gets in the lake just as long as their 100-foot boat fits in it.

Tahoe will never be the same again once you demolish and abandon the true spirit and beauty of the lake. Please from the bottom of mine and every true Lake Tahoe loverand#8217;s heart, keep it real. Look inside every one of your hearts and remember why you moved here. Was it the quiet offseason where all you heard is the small wave land on the shore or the wings of a bald eagle flying overhead? Was it the sunset that makes the sky a glow? Or was it the meadows that harbors flowers of every color, or the wild animals that grace us with a glimpse of their beauty?

Remember, this is the definition of Tahoe and always will be.

Tanya Knapp

Tahoe Vista

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