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Letter to the Editor: Truckee is an odd town

Rebecca Swinney
Special to the Sun

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter originally appeared in the Friday, Feb. 26, pritn edition of the Sierra Sun.

I moved to Truckee this week. Thirty-three percent of the population have a bachelor degree or higher. Many are from the Bay Area or southern California. So far warnings have been right on. The tourists think I am hired help. The locals think I am a tourist. The few local minorities walk around like their tails are tucked between their legs. Merchants (or at least many of their employees) feel they have a right to be as rude as they like.

At a local store, one employee verbally cut down the customer who sent me. When I told him he should not humiliate customers who send business, he considered what I said, then retort that they were the only store of its kind in town, and then reiterated his original evaluation. At another store, the lone teller had to call several times to get another teller to help with the long line of customers. When the next teller arrived, though rude, I found her sociologically quite amusing.

She was of a minority race. She patted me on the shoulder and told me to go to another terminal, that she would soon follow. As I was too stupid to know which of the four terminals she was referring, I just stood there. When she looked back from giving the other teller an ear full, she rolled her eyes at my obvious ignorance and told me to go to the first terminal. I did as commanded while she finished dehumanizing the other teller.

Truckee is an odd town. I’m not even sure if it is a nice place to visit.

Rebecca Swinney

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