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Letter to the Editor" Trustees should be elected from specific geographic districts

The school board is split on the issue of whether or not a trustee should be elected from a specific geographic district. This was exactly the issue that our founding fathers faced when they wisely created our form of government. As the and#8220;unnamed guestand#8221; comment of the night rightly put it: and#8220;do we not risk one trustee being elected by 2,000 people and another being elected by 200?and#8221;

This is indeed correct and the reason why we have the Senate as the upper house of our federal government, to protect the rights of the minority. At the time of the constitutional convention, the smaller states wanted a house based upon equal representation of disparate districts to protect them from the overwhelming populations of the larger states. Each state of the union has equal power in the Senate.

We benefit by this wisdom in the current day. Recently contentious issues have been at the forefront of our nationand#8217;s legislatures, and the Senate has demonstrated its ability to temper the overwhelming will of the majority.

I appreciate the motives of Ms. Livak and Ms. Mohun and their quest to allow a more district-wide selection of trustees, but they overlook the fact that our district is not homologous and is in fact quite different from local to local. The best protection each specific area has is the election of a representative that presents its own interests. The overwhelming majority can work both for and against interests of the community as a whole.

Jon Krauss

Kings Beach


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