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Letter to the Editor: Vote for Victor Hernandez for fire board

So you voted in the last election, wore your and#8220;I votedand#8221; sticker with pride and gave yourself a pat on the back for being such a good citizen. But when is the last time you became involved in local government? Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of you. I’ve been a resident of Truckee for the last 8 years and couldn’t tell you what the heck a fire board does, much less voted for a member candidate. Until now.

When I heard my friend Victor Hernandez was running for a spot on the Board of Directors for the Truckee Fire Protection District, I thought and#8220;Wow, good for him for getting involved.and#8221; Then I started to think about how I depend on the board to make important decisions all the time on my behalf.

Is a defensible space program important to me? Why yes, I kind of like not having to live in a tent because my house burned down. Do I want someone to monitor the fire chief’s job performance and hold him accountable for his actions? Why yes; as much as I guiltily watched the soap opera-worthy shenanigans of the last few months, it will be nice to return to business and have the focus where it belongs and#8212; maintaining the excellent service we receive from our local fire personnel (most of whom owe their EMT training to Victor). He’s a Vietnam era vet, long-time Truckee local, retired paramedic/firefighter for North Tahoe Fire, Sierra College instructor and is well-respected by other area fire and law enforcement agencies, alike.

So and#8220;Vote Vitoand#8221; November 2nd! I’ll even give you an extra sticker.

Suzanne Johnson