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Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘no’ in Measure A

Measure A needs to be voted down. This was intended to be a temporary tax when voters were first asked to support it in 1989. Tax proponents point to the five-time renewal of Measure A as a reason to approve it again – I believe it’s a reason to end it. The temporary nature of this measure anticipated that at some point, when taxpayers revolted, they could easily end it. This is that time.

What will another vote to support this tax tell our state politicians? The pro-tax Democrats in the state capitol will hardly feel inclined to stop raising taxes when they see local citizens vote themselves tax increases.

Measure A approval over the years has given the school district administrators the wrong message – that the public supports more spending and less cost-cutting. How likely would we see unnecessary large signs welcoming Spanish-speaking students in front of our schools if administrators really cared about saving taxpayer money?

More than 54 percent of California’s budget goes to education. Education-related ballot measures never end – whatever the voters approved in the past is never enough. Every election, it’s always more more more with these “educators.” It’s time to make them do with slightly less money.

Rick Martel

Roseville, Calif. (second homeowner in Truckee)