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Letter to the Editor: Vote Wilkins for TCPUD director

I am supporting Dan Wilkins for TCPUD Director for Seat 1 because Dan is the best candidate to keep the district financially stable and meeting its diverse responsibilities. Dan is a professional engineer with 22 years of experience, 12 of them in charge of a similar sized public infrastructure budget as the public works director for the town of Truckee.

I have been impressed with his devotion to maintaining needed public services even as the PUD tightened its belt in these lean fiscal times. He is a local West Shore resident with a young family and also recognizes the role that parks and recreation play in maintaining the vitality of the entire community.

One issue of particular concern for me is the many years that my property taxes subsidized the TCPUD public water system even though I get my water service from a private water company. Dan recognized this inequity and insisted that basic fairness be maintained by establishing rates for water service that do not require property tax subsidy.

He and other board members also recognized that our water and sewer system must be repaired and in some cases replaced to meet current standards, to avoid state penalties, to improve fire suppression, and to maintain the long term viability of the community sewer and water systems. I invite other voters to join me in voting for Dan Wilkins for TCPUD Director on Nov. 2.

Sue Rae Irelan