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Letter to the Editor: Vote ‘yes’ on Measure J

It is too bad that some people arent willing to allow the political process to play out, choosing instead to desperately try to manipulate the process in order to achieve a particular chosen end result.

The opponents of Measure J have resorted to removing the “Yes On J” signs from various locations throughout our town, or have even gone so far as to vandalize the signs. One sign has been removed from a specific location on three separate occasions and crumpled and left behind each time.

One person, quite appropriately, even signed the back of one of the vandalized signs as Henny Penny, and indicated that the sky really is falling, apparently in response to a recent letter to the editor which suggested that the opponents were acting like Chicken Little with their doomsday predictions should Measure J pass.

One sign posted by the Measure J opponents reads, “Kids Hate Measure J.” Isn’t the word “hate” a sad thing for an adult to put in childrens mouths? Is this how we teach children about how the political process in America and, most importantly, in Truckee works?

Let’s let the process run its course without the shenanigans and dirty tricks of the opponents to Measure J. Let voters become educated about Measure J and then make their own decision about whether or not to support it.

Measure J funds will be spent to build facilities and create programs in Truckee; not Sacramento or Washington, D.C. Economic benefits will be experienced in Truckee, not elsewhere. Measure J provides for strict citizen oversight of how monies are spent.

Learn more about Measure J by visiting Truckeefirst.org. Then, cast your ballot in support. Show the opponents of Measure J that that is how a democracy really works.

Leanna Jacuzzi


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