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Letter to the Editor: Voter Desmond Elder for airport board

I have worked for years with Desmond Elder, professionally as well as in community programs. I know him well and am pleased to support his candidacy for the Airport Board.

It may surprise some to learn that not all elected officials are smart. However, Desmond is a smart guy; in fact, a very smart guy. This bodes well for our airport district because government does more good, and runs more efficiently, when we have thoughtful people involved in it.

Desmond has resided in Truckee for over 10 years, owned multiple properties here, and operates a successful mortgage consulting business. He is not simply looking for a way to occupy his time; he is looking to offer his skills and knowledge to make Truckee a better place for all of us.

Desmond can maintain a balance when dealing with issues that impact our community. As a pilot trainee, he understands the aviation communityand#8217;s needs. Yet, as one who utilizes open space for recreational purposes, and whose livelihood depends upon the quality of our lifestyles here and the vitality of local businesses, he is sensitive to the environmental and economic ramifications of the airport boardand#8217;s decisions. As a college business graduate who works in the finance industry, his decisions will always include a long look at any impacts upon the airportand#8217;s fiscal bottom line.

Desmond does not seek to upset the efforts of his predecessors on the board. Instead, he seeks to build upon the prior boardand#8217;s successes.

As an almost 32-year Truckee resident, I can say that I have seen no finer candidates seeking to hold local public office. He is an individual of high integrity and commitment who will serve our communityand#8217;s interests well on the airport board. Join me in supporting his candidacy. You wonand#8217;t regret it.

Robert French