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Letter to the Editor: Votes ‘yes’ on Measure A

Does our community want A+ caliber schools? You bet we do! And we have been proving that since 1989 when we first passed Measure S. We knew then and we know now that investing in our schools is the right thing to do … for kids and their futures – for our sense of community pride and our property values – for solid proof that as a community we can make a difference.

Our parcel tax has been a great success. The funding areas are well defined. The funds directly support student success by providing a full complement of educational programming that would otherwise be unavailable. And, spending is well monitored by monthly meetings of a Citizens’ Review Committee.

We feel very fortunate that our 4 children went through our school district with the benefits of Measure S and Measure A. The last one graduated in 2003, but we are happy to continue to support our local students. How often do our tax dollars get to remain in our local community where we have local control and where we can see them at work? Not often. Except with Measure A.

Voting “yes” on Measure A is our opportunity to do something substantial for the children in our community, and ultimately for our own futures. How much more rewarding than spending the money on 50 lattes, gas for 3 trips to Reno, 1 nice dinner out for two, or not quite 2 full days of skiing.

Together we can make a big difference. And we all benefit. It’s easy and it doesn’t cost much. Vote “yes” on Measure A.

Jan and Rick Ganong

Alpine Meadows