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Letter to the Editor: We must develop values of stewardship, responsibility

Recently the Lake Tahoe Summit discussed the ongoing effort to restore and maintain ecosystem and recreation integrity. The major take away was the private sector needs to embrace protections of the lake.

We are facing a crossroads in this call to action. Recently, I heard the concern that too few locals are getting involved in lake management issues or frankly donand#8217;t care. Recently, Republican candidate Mitt Romney quipped that and#8220;corporations are peopleand#8221; and were his and#8220;friends.and#8221; I respectfully point out that corporations are legally protected as individuals and could be friends in various situations, but rarely act like responsible citizens especially when it comes to local issues or shareholder profits.

We all need to develop the values of stewardship and responsibility that is required of the community. Some locals and businesses donate copious amounts of time and resources in order to protect Lake Tahoe and its recreational and natural qualities. For example, adoption of hike or bike trails, installing best practice run-off management systems, sound resource management or greener business practices, donations to local nonprofits, support through sticker sales, pamphlet availability or community boards.

However, the recent summit essentially called on not only locals, citizen and business, but anyone who visits the basin to step a level further in their responsibility to the basin. We must realize that government has just signaled they may not be a viable financial or management entity in the restoration and maintenance of Lake Tahoe. We are. We need to be. Whatever that looks like, whatever we can do, I challenge everyone, corporations and citizens, local or visiting, alike, to contact local officials and nonprofits engaged in active conservation to see how to get involved in the responsible management and maintenance of the natural wonder that is just down the road.

John Arsenault