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Letter to the Editor: Whose future?

In Mr. Huff’s November 23rd Letter to the Editor, he claims that one’s “political persuasion,” in essence, does not affect how they view the out come of our recent elections. I assume he meant his own views and not those of anyone who disagrees with him.

His thinly veiled “Tea Party” rhetoric simply continues the illogical arguments we have been inundated with for the last 2 years. He contends that we are going to run out of “the people’s” money, that we need to stop “all” the handouts and welfare and that “vote buying” will cause us to go bankrupt or be subjected to “gangs of disadvantaged thugs” taking our houses and cars. I presume he was parroting Murdock and Rush.

For Mr. Huff and the rest of the Obama haters: The President has been re-elected, get over it; we put up with “W” and his crew for 8 years at the cost of 2 unfunded, unwarranted wars, the loss of our right to habeas corpus through the Patriot Act and a national debt that skyrocketed. Put away your hateful slogans and signs and start writing your elected officials and tell them to get back to work by compromising in our best interests.

I agree with Mr. Huff in one respect, however – reversing ignorance is not easy. I suggest he start with his own.

Jim Smith



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