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Letter to the Editor: Why is Tahoe/Truckee a great place with great people?

Two Sundays ago I was mountain biking my way from Alpine via Paige Meadows to go attend the concert at Commons Beach. While coming down a single track, my front tire caught loose sand and rock, veered hard right and catapulted me over the bars onto my head and shoulder.

Luckily I had a good helmet, but not so lucky on my shoulder. At first instant, you take a deep breath and surmise what shape youand#8217;re in. I felt my collar bone and feared the worst. Anxiety and anger at yourself sets in. Just at that moment, my angel appeared in another rider. His name, Dave Rintala. He quickly dismounted and informed me he was an EMT and#8212; what luck.

He determined I was OK enough to hike back out to Ward Canyon with him, taking my bike and pack. It was hard but doable with Dave there. We then the met Linda Granger at a Ward street and she drove me to the Tahoe Forest ER. There, Lori Beldon, Dr. Skaff and the x-ray tech, Bob, stabilized me and sent me home.

My first call on Monday was to Dr. Jeffrey Dodd, our local orthopedic pro. He immediately made time in his crazy schedule to operate that afternoon and pin my shoulder. With the Truckee Surgery Center team of Andrea, Marilyn and Dr. Alpert, I was home by 5 p.m.

I am so grateful to all of these people for stepping up and being there when I needed them. Tahoe/Truckee is indeed a great place with great people!

Tim Granger

Alpine Meadows