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Letters to the Editor for Oct. 14 (Opinion)

Breast cancer survivors should embrace the 31 days we are in the ‘pinklight’

To the Editor:

Every October the color pink becomes synonymous with breast cancer. There are ribbons and races. There are every type of pink clothing with inspirational messaging for those who are survivors and those who continue a battle that is deeply personal and grueling. Both physically and emotionally. 

The messaging also serves to remind all women (and men) about screening mammograms. It presses the point that one in eight are diagnosed. A woman is diagnosed every 2 minutes and the self exam is vitally important. You see, I am a warrior in this battle. I was diagnosed through a self exam 11 months after my last mammogram. I know the raw, paralyzing anxiety of the wait for biopsy results; the wait for surgery, and beyond.

Whether you decide that this color is a celebratory story of victory or a loving memory of one who has passed, we the survivors should embrace the 31 days we are in the “pinklight” of support, love and remembrance and hopefully a continued future of research. 

Get screened, yearly. 

Jean M. Adamski, FNP-C, Truckee

Rohlf, Davidson volunteered at airport event, should be elected

To the Editor:

Local pilots from Truckee Tahoe Airport flew 32 youths ages 8-17 on Saturday, Oct. 8. The children are all local to the area, participating in the national EAA Young Eagles program.

Pilots volunteer their time and resources to expose our local youth to aviation at Truckee Tahoe Airport.

Candidates who are seeking positions on the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board of Directors were invited to attend. Thank you to candidates Kat Rohlf and Mike Davidson for taking the time to volunteer this past weekend and participate in the event. Kat and Mike took the liberty to visit with the pilots, children and their parents. 

It should be noted that another candidate for the Board of Directors, Chris Henderson, was invited to attend this event. He failed to respond or reply to the invitation, and he neglected to attend. 

In my opinion, Mr. Henderson is not suited to hold public office in the position he is seeking on the Airport Board based upon his decisions to outright ignore our local youth programs that take place at the airport.

Michael Golden, Truckee

Chris Henderson for Truckee Tahoe Airport Board

To the Editor:

Truckee/Tahoe communities are facing unprecedented change in our cities and towns. It is imperative for everyone to vote, endorse and contribute to elections. Having lived in Truckee for over 24 years and having served as a community advocate, I want to tell you why I am endorsing and supporting Chris Henderson for the Truckee Tahoe Airport Board. 

Chris has a strong financial background that will give a new “lens” to the board. While meeting with Chris, we discussed the airport’s budget, reserves, and the collection of about $7.1 million dollars in annual taxes from our community. Chris was focused on making sure these dollars are and will be used to directly benefit our communities. 

Chris discussed the 2021 airport financial study that shows the Airport District used our money in ways that might not be in the best interest of the region. Further, the airport has 40 acres that could be used collaboratively to help move light industry off the river to provide the opportunity to design downtown Truckee’s River corridor. 

Chris wants to work with all districts to leverage dollars for the region. I know Chris will collaborate while being future focused with our taxpayer dollars. I believe he will always make decisions based on “the community benefit.” Join me in endorsing and voting for Chris Henderson.

Pam Hobday, Truckee

Regarding redistricting 

To the Editor:

Many residents in South Lake Tahoe and its environs don’t know we’ve been redistricted. We are no longer in Congressional District 4, but now in District 3, which is sizable and stretches from Plumas to Inyo (Death Valley) and includes Nevada, Placer and El Dorado counties. 

Tom McClintock is no longer in our district, which delights almost everyone I talk to. As a new district, we have no incumbent and finally have a chance to send a fresh voice to Congress. Unlike his opponent, Dr. Kermit Jones cares about local and national issues including: legislation for a federal fire insurance plan, fighting climate change, controlling cost of prescription drugs, expanding health care for all and Medicare to include dental and vision, education for youth, access to broadband internet, opposing defunding the police and a woman’s right to choose. Don’t miss this opportunity to send a reasonable candidate to Congress. 

Ballots have been mailed. Send in yours and vote for Dr. Kermit Jones for Congress.

Celeste Leon, Truckee

Abortion: Not so simple 

To the Editor:

Abortion isn’t a simple yes/no issue. It bears important sidebars, like rape, incest, and … immaturity.

A close friend of mine who was a medical student before Roe v. Wade saw a 14-year-old girl bleed to death from a botched illegal procedure. If abortion is again criminalized, some young women — actually children themselves — are certain to meet a similar end. 

It’s callous to dismiss such tragedies with, “Well, she should’ve thought of that before…” since we already know that youth and good judgment seldom intersect. And why should any girl pay, sometimes with her life, while her male partner enjoys impunity?

Still, some people demand criminalization even in such cases. Prosecuting women and girls who are already suffering is misogynistic and mean-spirited. Their decision should be left to them and their physicians rather than to an overreaching government.

Laurean Bell, Truckee

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