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Letters to the Editor: Miracles really do happen

It was 13 years ago, at Park Lane Mall. I was a mere five years old and had lived in Reno my whole life. My family struggled to survive and life was hard for us for a long time. No matter how little money we had to spare, I always saw Santa Claus, and my mother did her best to get what I asked Santa for.

I was standing in line and it was my turn. I remember my heart beating a mile a minute. I had decided the night before that I only wanted one thing. I sat upon Kris Kringleand#8217;s lap and my eyes met his charitable gaze. It took all of my courage and all of my heart but when Santa asked me and#8220;What do you want for Christmas?and#8221; I replied with a stern and serious voice. I didnand#8217;t just want this, I needed it. My family needed it. I said and#8220;I want a house for my family with a room for each of us with a loft.and#8221;

Then, before he could reply I said, and#8220; I never want another thing for Christmas as long as I live. Just please help me and my family.and#8221;

The bright kind eyes of old Saint Nick faltered as he began to cry. I didnand#8217;t understand why he was crying. Christmas came, and no house with it. I refused to accept it. I knew and#8220;Santa just needs some more time, a house is a really big gift.and#8221; Six months passed by with little or no change.

One day, my mother asked my brother and I if we wanted to go for a drive. After a half-hour of anticipation we drove into a school parking lot. My mom pointed to a beautiful house on the other side of the school yard. She said for some reason she wanted to see it. As we passed by the driveway we saw a sign: FOR RENT. We made an appointment and returned to see the house. What we found was a house with three bedrooms and a loft. Santa had given me what I asked for. I have lived in this same house for the last 12 years. In the same bedroom I claimed as my own so long ago.

The point of this story is that miracles do happen. If the Santa who cried remembers this, I want to thank you. If nothing else, you served as a beacon of hope to myself and my family. Park Lane Mall will, in this young manand#8217;s heart, be missed dearly.

Patrick Forbes


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