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Ahhh, the amazing summer citrus of bergamot

Add a little bergamot for a natural glow.
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What is better than the scent of fresh, sweet citrus on a hot summer day?

Not much, in my opinion and that is why today I am talking about bergamot. This lovely essential oil has long been used by Europeans in their morning cup of black tea to create the well-known Earl Grey.

The aroma of bergamot is reminiscent of lavender fields and a squeeze of lemon. The essential oil is great for inducing appetite as it increases the secretion of digestive juices, making it a staple at the breakfast table for ages.

Beyond the culinary benefits of bergamot, it also does wonders for the body both externally and internally as well as the nervous system. Morning routines are important when you’re looking to improve your radiance and glow so be sure to add a drop or two of bergamot to your shampoo and face wash to create shiny tresses and balmy skin.

Bergamot helps rid the hair and skin of any excess build up with fabulous disinfectant properties. Acne and eczema won’t stand a chance against the power of this citrus fruit.

The bergamot rind is full of essential oil components that even help wounds, scars and stretch marks heal quickly. While the oil works to beautify your external body it is also reducing feelings of anxiety and tension by improving blood circulation and stimulating hormonal secretions.

Make a point to avoid direct sunlight for an hour or so after application as this essential oil is phototoxic — meaning the components in the oil will become toxic when combined with the sun’s rays. It is wise to store your bottle in a dark place as well, since the sunlight will increase its chance of becoming rancid.

This particular oil is great for both morning and evening rituals. When combined with vetiver before bed this duo can ensure a restful night’s sleep. While soothing nerves and lowering body temperature, the two oils will perform fabulous calming action on the gut and gently increase feelings of contentment and relaxation.

Because of Bergamot’s analgesic powers it makes for a great aroma therapy massage oil.

When applied to the body mixed in a carrier oil it will lessen the sensitivity nerves have to pain and therefore alleviate any discomfort related to strains/sprains and cramps. Any women dealing with PMS symptoms should add this oil to their low back and abdomen for immediate relief.

These powerful properties have even been known to cure infections of the colon, kidney, urinary and intestinal tract. Be sure to incorporate a bit of this essential oil into your routine whether it be at home or at the spa sometime this season to reap the amazing benefits of bergamot.

Sarah McCallum is a massage therapist at North Lake Massage & Skin Care.

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