Arts and crafts festival to line historic Truckee streets |

Arts and crafts festival to line historic Truckee streets

Special to the Sun

The Historic Downtown Truckee Arts and Crafts Festival will be held Sept. 6, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sept. 7, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Hosted by the Truckee Downtown Merchant’s Association, this free event welcomes you to browse and shop among original photography, jewelry, sculptures, ceramics and more.

Shop along the closed area of Bridge Street between Donner Pass Road and Jibboom Street, and experience history, meet artists and craftspeople, stroll along the river, or check out boutique stores and a variety of restaurants.

This year’s featured artists include:

George Anderson, Fair Oaks, metals and jewelry: “More artisan than artist, I prefer working in brass, bronze, nickel silver, and copper over fine metals,” said George. “These materials are not only more affordable for me (and my customers), they’re more suited to my tools and techniques.”

Peter Buchan, Long Beach, chopsticks, enamel paint and canvas: Peter is a self-described “primitive modernist” because he uses primitive tools to create modern figurative-abstracts. “I call it a system of gravity and imperfection,” he explains. “Kind of a way to communicate ideas and emotions that I can’t express in words.”

Julie and Dennis Johnson, Cool, Calif., gold and glass: “We are the original creators of golden glass sculptures. The radiant shades of colors flowing in brilliant hues are created by applying pure gold to molten glass,” said the couple. “The unique way we have discovered to apply 24 karat gold to molten glass reflects the true colors that are found in pure gold. … All the blue, purple, lavender, aqua, pink and red colors are actually gold. It’s very interesting as it will change throughout the day as the light changes. Every sculpture is an original.”

For more information contact the Truckee Downtown Merchant’s Association at 530-587-3161 or visit