Bonnie Berry “BB” |

Bonnie Berry “BB”

August 3, 1937

July 23, 2016

It’s not the time or way you wanted, but you are gone. You were the most beautiful, funniest, strongest, smartest, creative, organized (ok, not your house), and thoughtful person, Grammy, and mom. You were a wonderful (and strict) elementary school teacher people remember with a, “Oh, I loved Mrs. Berry!” You were loyal and thoughtful to your Tahoe friends (too many to list) and your “YaYa’s”. You were quiet and shy but always sent a thank you note or made a thoughtful gesture to people needing a kind word. Everybody knew these things about you, but I want to share all the fabulous things they did NOT know and why the world should stop for a moment because you are not here anymore.

You were the best “Grammy.” You taught Paige and Jack to love books, that it’s okay to get dirty, to eat ice cream for dinner (not my favorite lesson), to laugh at funny things (even if not age appropriate), to be spontaneous, that getting lost is an adventure not a disaster, to attend all their kid’s events even if they are as fun to watch as paint drying, that cleaning up can wait (another “not my favorite” lesson), and to hug lots. They are and will continue to be amazing people due in part to you. They miss you so much already. My heart breaks for their loss, but I am thankful for how involved you were and that they hugged you and told you they loved you the day before. Jack promises to keep reading, laughing and to carry on being the sensitive soul he got from you. Please send him more shooting stars. Sweet Paige will carry on your humor, patience, and uncanny ability for animals to be drawn to her. She will always be on the lookout for white butterflies.

You were the best mom. You raised Bruce and me with lots of adventures. What we thought was weird, old fashion or “hippy”, made you the best parent. You spent time with us, loved us, struggled with us, were our biggest fan, and stood by us. We were a tight trio to the end. Bruce and I loved you fiercely and we will never stop sharing memories of you. This goes for Jeff too. You listened to him, loved him, embraced his interests, listened attentively to his educational monologues, and gave him perfect gifts (even I cannot do this). You thought he was the greatest man, father, husband and son-in-law and you always reminded me of this. He promises to take good care of Laila (but he’s giving her more dog training!).

You were the best person. I will miss YOU, our movie dates, lunches, car rides, laughing, bickering, Burning Man adventures, numerous Broadway musicals (not Jesus Christ Superstar-still hate it!), and daily phone chats. Thank you for getting our yard sale date wrong. You stopping by was, unknowingly, our last hug and last “I love you.” Bruce and the family will come to the Burn this year to place the most beautiful and loving tribute to you at the Temple (That’s what you wanted!). Together we will hug, laugh, cry and say goodbye. Now go back to your skiing, riding horses, eating steak and cake, and making everyone laugh up there. We will always be thinking of you and we love you so d*** much! -“Until then…”

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