Brickelltown tax collection starts |

Brickelltown tax collection starts

Margaret Moran

TRUCKEE, Calif. — The first round of tax collections for the Brickelltown Maintenance District will soon begin.

Earlier this month, Truckee Town Council unanimously approved tax collection from six of the 35 parcels in the Brickelltown Maintenance District that front recently installed improvements, said Jessica Thompson, senior engineer for the town.

The district will collect $14,772.52 from those parcel owners to maintain sidewalk, gutter, lighting and parking upgrades made in the northeastern portion of Brickelltown.

Bills will be issued by the town before the end of June, with collected funds placed in a separate account for the district, Thompson said.

Parcels within the maintenance district that don't have frontage improvements yet will not be assessed this year.

According to previous reports, the tax will be phased in with construction.

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Continued Brickelltown streetscape work is anticipated for summer 2015 and 2016, according to the town.

Once completed, the district will collect approximately $65,000 annually from the 35 parcels to cover snow removal/disposal, sweeping, landscaping maintenance and street lighting.

The Brickelltown Maintenance District was formed spring 2014 after receiving the needed two-thirds property owner approval.