Cast of Lake Tahoe locals set for ‘Sign of the Sun’ film |

Cast of Lake Tahoe locals set for ‘Sign of the Sun’ film

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Justine Paige is among those cast for "Sign of the Sun."
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INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — Incline Village local Justine Paige has been selected to star alongside Julian Forest in the locally produced film “Sign of the Sun.”

Several other local notables also have been cast, including Derek Talbot, Larry Aynesmith, Gwendalyn Gilliam, Cindy Boudett, Dukaroo Kelley, Mitch Harbaugh, Alisa Buselli and Mindy Lewis.

Paige, a life-long Incline resident, is a student at Sierra Nevada College. She transferred there after spending two years at San Diego State University.

Paige has an extraordinary background that includes modeling, digital art and classical ballet.

“Justine is a powerful presence on screen, and you almost can’t take your eyes off her,” said Incline resident Jarrett Grimes, the film’s director and writer. “Her singing voice stunned us all at our first test reading, and I know she will be one of the finest talents anyone has ever seen on screen.”

“Sign of the Sun” has incorporated a host of amazing local talent, including rock musician Forest, and created a new genre that is being dubbed “experiential art,” Grimes said.

The film combines 3DSF technology with a story that is based on Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey.”

“3DSF will reinvent how we watch movies by turning the average theatrical movie into a 3-Dimensional event that is almost a personalized experience for each viewer,” Grimes said.

The film is “an inspiring story about a man who comes into our world to bring a message of peace and love through music,” according to a press release.

“Sign of the Sun” is designed to change the way that motion pictures are created, Grimes said, and is being developed to provide a model for positive economic growth throughout the state of Nevada.

“Justine Paige, Julian Forest, and our entire cast embody this ideal completely,” he said.

For more information about Justine Paige, the full cast, or the film contact Northern Nevada Studios at 310-844-7784 or 775-636-8426, or visit